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Business Laureates of British Columbia Unveils Its New Hall of Fame

Photo: The Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia, with BLBC Laureates, JA students, BLBC Co-Chairs Barbara Brink and Jim Shepard, and JABC President & CEO Jan Bell-Irving

Vancouver, British Columbia – September 18, 2015 – Over 120 BC business leaders, Junior Achievement (JA) students and guests gathered at the Vancouver Convention Centre West on Thursday September 17th for the unveiling of the new Business Laureates of British Columbia (BLBC) Hall of Fame.

The BLBC Hall of Fame was created by JA British Columbia (JABC) in 2005 to honour the outstanding BC business leaders whose efforts have shaped our province and country. In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the Hall of Fame and its 60 Laureate members, a new site has been built at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. The new site, designed by BC-based artists Cheryl Hamilton and Michael Vandermeer, features a towering glass BC Business Laureates “Wall of Fame,” an information kiosk honouring its members, and a specially commissioned sculpture “Shape of Inspiration.”

According to Jim Shepard, BLBC Co-Chair, locating the new site for the BLBC Hall of Fame in the iconic Vancouver Convention Centre West building was important to increase awareness of the legacies the Laureates have shared with the province. “We are simply delighted to bring recognition to these unique individuals in a space so significant to the business community in BC and the world.”

“This is a wonderful day and it’s been a long time coming. Years ago we realized the great importance of having a place where all British Columbians could come and take pride in the individuals whose exceptional accomplishments helped build this province,” says BLBC Co-Chair Barbara Brink.

After a brief reception, the evening featured remarks from BLBC Co-Chairs Jim Shepard and Barbara Brink, Jan Bell-Irving, JABC President and CEO, Jefferson Mooney, Chairman, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. and BLBC Laureate, and the Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of BC, who also helped unveil the curtains revealing the Laureate “Wall of Fame” and “Shape of Inspiration” sculpture.

Left Photo: The new BLBC Hall of Fame, featuring the Laureate “Wall of Fame” and “Shape of Inspiration” sculpture

JABC students were in attendance and also played an important role in the conception of the Hall of Fame, according to JABC President and CEO, Jan Bell-Irving. “This project truly serves as an inspiration to our BC youth and gives us an important perspective on how business leaders in BC help build our province and communities. We are proud to celebrate these dynamic and very worthy individuals with our students, the future leaders of BC.”

About the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame

The Business Laureates of British Columbia (BLBC) Hall of Fame was created by Junior Achievement of British Columbia (JABC) in 2005 to honour the outstanding BC business leaders whose efforts have shaped our province and country. The Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the positive legacy the Laureates provide to the youth of British Columbia. Laureates have demonstrated a level of Vision, Leadership, Integrity and Legacy unique among their peers. Visit for more information.

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Annie Ko
Marketing & Communications Manager
Junior Achievement of British Columbia
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Donors to the new Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame site:


Dave Ritchie / RBA

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Jefferson Mooney

Jim Pattison

Michael J. Audain

Peter & Joanne Brown Foundation

Teck Resources Limited



Barbara Brink

Boston Pizza International Inc.

Brad Bennett

Brian A. Canfield


Canfor Pulp

Concert Properties Ltd.

Dave Lede


Interfor Corporation

James F. Shepard

John C. Kerr Family Foundation

Kelly and Sylvia Heed

Kingswood Capital Corp.


Ledcor Group


Peter Bentley

Peter J. Blake

Peter R.B.  Armstrong



RBC Foundation

Robert H. Lee and Family

Robert J. Macdonald and Family

Russ and Ellen Cmolik

Rusty Goepel

Ryan Beedie

Taseko Mines

Taseko’s Gibraltar Mine


Terry Lyons and Family

Trinity Pacific Foundation


West Fraser

All members of the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame:

  1. Michael Audain, O.C., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)
  2. Nathaniel (Nat) Ryal Bailey
  3. Irving (Ike) Barber, O.C., O.B.C.
  4. Henry Ogle Bell-Irving
  5. Charles Bentall
  6. L.L.G. (Poldi) Bentley
  7. Peter Bentley, O.C., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)
  8. David Black, LL.D. (Hon)
  9. Dick Bradshaw
  10. Peter M. Brown, O.B.C., C.B.H.F., LL.D. (Hon)
  11. Jennie Butchart
  12. Alex A. Campbell, O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)
  13. Brian A. Canfield, C.M., O.B.C., D.Tech. (Hon)
  14. Hon. John V. Clyne, C.C.
  15. Jack Diamond, C.C., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)
  16. William Farrell
  17. Earl B. Finning
  18. Thomas James Foord, O.B.C.
  19. Frank A. Griffiths, F.C.A.
  20. Bob Hager
  21. Chester A. Johnson, C.M., O.B.C., B.Comm, F.C.A.
  22. Lucille Johnstone, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon), C.G.A.
  23. Dr. Norman B. Keevil, O.C., Ph.D., F.G.S.A.
  24. Dr. Norman B. Keevil, O.C., O.B.C., Ph.D., C.B.H.F., LL.D. (Hon.), P.Eng.
  25. Henry Holman (Hank) Ketcham III, O.B.C.
  26. Henry Holman (Pete) Ketcham Jr.
  27. Samuel Kendall (Sam) Ketcham
  28. William Peters (Bill) Ketcham
  29. Hassan Khosrowshahi, O.B.C.
  30. Leon J. Koerner, LL.D. (Hon)
  31. Dave Lede, B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)
  32. Robert (Bob) H. Lee, C.M., O.B.C., B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)
  33. Brandt C. Louie, O.B.C., C.B.H.F., LL.D. (Hon), F.C.A., C.A., C.P.A.
  34. Hok Yat Louie
  35. Tong Louie, C.M., O.B.C., B.S.A., LL.D. (Hon)
  36. John S. MacDonald, O.C. Ph.D., F.C.A.E., P.Eng.
  37. H.R. MacMillan, C.C.
  38. G. W. Grant McConachie
  39. Wendy B. McDonald, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon), D.Tech.
  40. George C. Melville, CPA, F.C.A., LL.D. (Hon)
  41. William M. Mercer, B.Comm.
  42. Jefferson Mooney
  43. Dr. Rudy North, C.M., O.B.C., B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)
  44. David Oppenheimer
  45. Jim Pattison, O.C., O.B.C., C.B.H.F.
  46. Art Phillips
  47. John (Jack) W. Poole, O.C., O.B.C., B.Sc.
  48. John Prentice
  49. Dave Ritchie
  50. Dr. Donald B. Rix, C.M., O.B.C., M.D., D.Sc.(Hon.), F.R.C.P.C., LL.D. (Hon)
  51. Benjamin Tingley Rogers
  52. Dick (Percy Ritchie) Sandwell
  53. William (Bill) L. Sauder, O.C., O.B.C., B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)
  54. Joseph Segal, C.M., O.B.C., C.B.H.F., O.ST.J., LL.D. (Hon)
  55. Howard Allan Simons
  56. David W. Spencer
  57. Dr. Ken Spencer, Ph.D., LL.D. (Hon), MBA, B.A.Sc.
  58. W. James Treliving
  59. Milton K. Wong, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D (Hon)
  60. Charles Woodward