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Jocelyn Tien, JA Alum

Making the decision to donate to an organization is often a very personal one, inspired by a story or experience related to the organization’s cause. For Nitin Gaba and Jocelyn Tien, JA alumni and members of the JABC Young Alumni Network, investing in JA is simply their way of saying thank you.

Nitin, a marketing manager and aspiring entrepreneur, took JA Company Program after realizing his school lacked relevant business education programs. A flyer at school caught his attention when he saw he could gain hands-on experience from real industry volunteers. He believes business education is just as important as science and math, but so many schools don’t have strong enough business programs. “JA is helping bridge that gap which I think is very important,” says Nitin. “I choose to invest in JA because it seemed like an appropriate way to give back and allow young students to go through the amazing experience I got to go through.”

He’s using what he learned in JA to rebrand and grow his family’s travel business while taking on a management role. And, when he’s not busy running the family business, studying for his GMAT or working on his Canadian Securities Course, he’s volunteering his time with the JABC Young Alumni Network, a place for JA graduates to network, access exclusive volunteer opportunities and share their JA experiences. Nitin says it great for keeping his JA experience going. “Just having the opportunity to meet people that I would otherwise not even be in the same room with itself is a great reason to the join the Network,” says Nitin. “The workshops, tours of industry leading companies and networking with like-minded individuals just takes everything to the next level for me.”

Jocelyn has a similar perspective. She’s an Executive Assistant at WATSON, a leading governance consultancy group in Vancouver and manages her own makeup artistry business.  She sees herself as an emerging business leader and is relentlessly working on the skills needed to get her to where she wants to go.  She remembers the challenges faced while in JA Company Program. “This was about the experience of working hard with a team of my peers who in a very short amount of time had to learn how to work together, trust each other and execute on a massive project none of us had ever had experience doing.”

Nitin Gaba, JA Alum

Nitin Gaba, JA Alum

Jocelyn believes her investment helps BC youth experience the “JA magic” she continues to feel. “JA provided me the unique opportunity and learning experience that to this day I still think back on.” She adds, “The program has had a significant impact on shaping the person I am today in regards to my personal and professional growth.”

The bottom line, according to Jocelyn: “I invest in the youth of BC because I was one who someone else took the time to invest in, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Nitin adds, “Whether it’s giving back by donating as much as I can or volunteering with some of the JA programs I think it is important to give back to an organization that gave so much to me.”

On behalf of all of us at JABC, thank you to Nitin, Jocelyn and all of our amazing donors. Your gifts, big or small, are helping us give emerging business leaders like Nitin and Jocelyn the experience of a lifetime.

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