Adopt a class, grade or school to help more B.C. youth access important financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship programs.

Why Adopt a School?

With your help, we can provide more B.C. youth with access to important financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship education programs.

Partners help us identify new schools, vulnerable groups or educators that haven’t had a chance to try one of our programs. Opportunities for enhancing impact in pre-registered classrooms are available as well as through guest speaking opportunities.

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How it Works

We know you care about economic opportunities for youth and supporting the well-being of your local community. We will work with you to identify the right program and target group that is aligned with your interests.

To start the process to adopt your very own school, grade or class, follow these steps:

Select the Age Group and Pillar You’d Like to Adopt

All students in Grades 4 to 12 are able to participate in the programs free of charge. The three JA pillars are:

Financial Literacy– Students are empowered to make smart, lifelong financial choices. They develop skills in areas such as budgeting, investing and creating financial plans.

Work Readiness– Students receive invaluable career building skills they can use throughout their lives – communication, networking, interviewing for jobs and collaborating with diverse groups of people to achieve common goals.

Entrepreneurship– Youth are inspired to start their own businesses, create jobs and contribute to the economy. Students gain first-hand experience in running a successful business. They learn how to create business plans, manage teams and take a new product to market.

Select an Adoption Level

Adopt a School

(Equivalent to 3-5 programs at different grade levels)

Adopt a Grade

(Equivalent to 2-3 programs)

Adopt a Class $500

For a customized gift, please contact us.  

Contact Us

To discuss your preferences and finalize the adoption, please contact:

Delreen Motiwalla, Development Manager

Please allow for 8-12 weeks to set up a program delivery.

2020-21 Student Impact:

“I learned some new words like entrepreneur, advertising, interest, savings account and withdrawal. I also learned how to plan a business and it’s really hard if you don’t have money to start one. You also have to think if your business will earn or not, if it’s useful or will benefit the consumers.”

“It will help me by learning how to be an entrepreneur and how to start a business properly. It will help me in the future to make money for myself and my family. I can get rich hopefully.”

“I learned that it is hard to earn money so I have to manage and spend it wisely. I also learned that if I want to start a business, I have to be a trustworthy borrower. Banks can lend money to people to start a business or make their business even bigger.”

Our Donors

Thank you to these generous 2021-2022 Adopt a School donors.


Pankaj and Rita Agarwal


Virginia, Bridget, Sheryl & Keith Spencer


BPS Wealth Management

Fred Withers & Dr. Kathy Jones

Promoting a Secure Future

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians now owe $1.77 for every dollar they have to spend and that as many as half of all Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque. As a result of the global pandemic, now more than ever young people are faced with an increased number of financial obstacles.

Promoting financial health teaches our youth how to build resilience through managing a budget, paying their bills, and still saving for their education and retirement. A lack of financial education and self-sufficiency holds back entire communities from reaching their full potential.

Adopt a School today to give more B.C. students access to JA’s life changing programs.