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JA Company Program sparks an entrepreneurial spirit

Put ideas into action! JA Company Program offers BC students in grades 10-12 a unique opportunity to develop and run their own entrepreneurial venture. Over the course of four months, you will run your own start-up, from idea generation to company liquidation.

You will use real money, real products and have real customers. You will be part of a group of inspired and prepared individuals creating business strategies and personal action plans.
Company Program is available either After-School or In-School thanks to our generous corporate partners across BC.

After-School Program

You will be part of a group of 10-15 like-minded students who meet in space donated by our corporate partners across the province. With the guidance of volunteer advisors from the business community, you will go through the program and acquire hands-on business experience.

The program runs for approximately 16 weeks with 2 hours/week in session plus additional preparation time. Please see locations and dates below.

In-School Program

The In-School Program has the same structure as the After-School Program but is run in the classroom under the supervision of a teacher and assisted by a mentor from the business community.

The program runs for approximately 12-16 weeks and classroom times will vary. In-School Programs are requested by educators. For more information on this school opportunity, please visit Company Program- In-School.

Find an After-School Program Location

LOCATION: KPMG Downtown (777 Dunsmuir St. Vancouver, BC)
DATES: November 5, 2019-April 21, 2020
DAY/TIME: Tuesdays 5 pm to 7 pm
CAPACITY: 15 students

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LOCATION: Kerrisdale Community Centre (5851 West Blvd. Vancouver, BC)
DATES: November 6, 2019-April 22, 2020
DAY/TIME: Wednesdays 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
CAPACITY: 15 students

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LOCATION: Deloitte  (#2800-1055 Dunsmuir St. Vancouver, BC)
DATES: November 13 or 14, 2019-April 24 or 25, 2020
DAY/TIME: Wednesdays or Thursdays 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
CAPACITY: 15 students

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LOCATION: Tangerine Bank (466 Howe St. Vancouver, BC)
More info coming soon

Stay tuned for 2019-2020 dates!

LOCATION: TD Canada Trust (1400 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC )
DATES: November 12, 2019-April 22, 2020
DAY/TIME: Wednesdays 5 pm to 7 pm
CAPACITY: 15 students

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Stay tuned for 2019-2020 dates!

LOCATION: Traction on Demand (2700 Production Way, Burnaby, BC )
More info coming soon

Stay tuned for 2019-2020 dates!

Stay tuned for 2019-2020 dates!

Stay tuned for 2019-2020 dates!

Stay tuned for 2019-2020 dates!

Why sign up for JA Company Program?


  • Gain valuable business experience, job and leadership skills

  • Compete for awards and scholarships through JABC and JA Canada

  • Obtain valuable contacts and references

  • Build your CV for university and job applications

  • Counts toward Work Experience requirements of your school

  • Experience the enjoyment and excitement of entrepreneurship!


  • Help guide a young person’s career path
  • Enhance your own business and facilitation skills

  • Network with other volunteers

  • Help build talent needed for the future

Learn more about Volunteering



  • Supports aspects of BC’s new curriculum such as Career Education, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and E-Commerce and more

  • Opportunity to have a member of the business community share experience


  • Allows students to bring their new knowledge and skills into your classroom

  • An engaging alternative for students who need to complete their Work Experience requirement

Look at some recent JA Company Program ventures


bike signalling device

The Glass Room

succulent plants in recycled jars


repurposed leather coffee sleeves

Recycled Sounds

speaker & smartphone accessory

Palit Designs

décor from recycled wooden pallets


handcrafted rose soaps

Food Surrounder

reusable food wraps


self-designed stickers

Canada Box

package of unique Canadian products

Need more inspiration? Check out these previous JA Student Companies that applied for Awards and Scholarships

Apiary Logo
Watch The Video on Youtube
Watch the Video on YouTube
Watch the Video On YouTube

Some of our frequently asked questions:

What if I’m not interested in business? Is this program for me?2018-08-28T05:59:59+00:00

JA Company Program isn’t just for future entrepreneurs. No matter where you are headed, you will acquire real life knowledge that can help you on your career path. You will develop important presentation, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication skills which are valuable in any job.

What type of business do I start?2018-08-28T05:59:53+00:00

You and your teammates have the freedom to brainstorm and go through the creative process to decide on any product you’d like. The Company Program  page has some past student projects for inspiration.

Can I bring my friends or family to a meeting?2018-08-28T05:59:46+00:00

Only students who have registered online can attend the meetings. If there is still room at the location you’ve signed up for, invite your friends to register online to participate.

How much does it cost?2018-08-28T05:59:40+00:00

It’s free! Thanks to our many donors and volunteers, we are able to provide this program to students at NO COST! You are only responsible for your transportation to and from meetings and any meals/snacks.