JABC Business Challenge Online

What is the JABC Business Challenge Online?

The JABC Business Challenge Online is an online competition where students work in teams of three to manage a virtual company in our simulated marketplace which responds to changing economic conditions. Student managers must out-smart other companies competing for market share and financial success. Challenge games are based on the concepts and strategies students learn in the JA Titan program.

JABC uses MARKET MANEUVERS ONLINE (formerly CEMSIM) for our Business Challenge competitions.


  • Province-wide participation
  • Teacher passwords enabling you to set up practice games exclusive to your own students
  • Direct online registration for Challenge competitions
  • Richer & more complex game scenarios

JA Inter-Charter Business Challenge May 7-18, 2018

This event is for Titan students in BC and Central Ontario.  Registration is open until Midnight, May 1st 2018.

For information and an invitation to participate please contact barb.jones@jabc.org

Please note students should have experience with JA’s Titan Business Game in order to participate in this Challenge.


Cash prizes and certificates will be awarded to members of the top 3 teams.  Winners will be announced week of May 21st.


Contact: jabiz@marketmaneuversonline.com or barb.jones@jabc.org