What is the JA Company Program?

It is a 16-week course that allows high school students to learn about business and entrepreneurship.  Learn more about JA Company Program

If you are interested in volunteering , please contact avani.karadkhedkar@jabc.org for more information!

Purpose of Mentorship

  • To provide mentorship guidance to high school students (Grades 8 to 12) who are taking the JA Company Program.

Program Dates

  • To be confirmed


  • Attend regular sessions with students and provide guidance based on your own business experience as they take a product or service from the brainstorming phase through to development and marketing and sales.


  • All meetings will be virtual. Access to a computer/mobile device and internet is required.

Time Commitment

  • Two hours each week (includes weekly team meetings and workshops) + individual prep work.

Training & Orientation

  • Virtual training & resources will be provided by JABC.

Why sign up for JA Company Program?


  • Gain valuable business experience, job and leadership skills

  • Compete for awards and scholarships through JABC and JA Canada

  • Obtain valuable contacts and references

  • Build your CV for university and job applications

  • Counts toward Work Experience requirements of your school

  • Experience the enjoyment and excitement of entrepreneurship!


  • Help guide a young person’s career path
  • Enhance your own business and facilitation skills

  • Network with other volunteers

  • Help build talent needed for the future

Need more information or would like to volunteer as a mentor? Please contact Avani.Karadkhedkar@jabc.org