Since 1955, JA has educated millions of Canadian students about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Many of these JA Alum have made extraordinary contributions to the business and/or entrepreneurial landscape of British Columbia.  We want to recognize and celebrate these incredible individuals and are proud to announce the launch of the JABC Exceptional Alumni Award.


Nominees are extraordinary people who:

  1.  Must be a living Alumni of Junior Achievement (may be an alumni of a charter outside of JA British Columbia)
  2.  Achieved their success in British Columbia
  3.  Are between the ages of 35-55 years
  4.  Demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit or have a record of outstanding business achievements
  5.  Have shown leadership & achieved a high level of respect within the business and public communities
  6.  Contributed to improving the quality of life in the community
  7.  Are considered a role model for future generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders
  8.  May not be a current JA British Columbia Board Member, staff member, or laureate of the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame


Nominations for the 2021 award will open soon. Please stay tuned.

The winner will be selected by the Alumni Committee, members of the JABC leadership team and JABC alumni. All nominees will be contacted by JABC staff to communicate the results of the selection process.

For any questions, please contact Cheryl Borgmann at 604.688.3887 x 226 or

2020 Nominations Closed

2020 Award Winner

Our 2020 Exceptional Alumni Award winner is Parveen Walia. Learn more.

Nominator Information

Please submit the online nomination form by the deadline.  Information required to complete the form includes the nominee’s name, job title (if applicable), phone number, e-mail address and information about the nominees leadership, business and philanthropic background  and why you think they should be awarded the JABC Exceptional Alumni Award.

You may nominate multiple individuals including colleagues, friends, family, and community members.  However, you may not nominate yourself. Once a JA Alumni has received the JABC Exceptional Alumni Award, they may not be considered again.

The nominees will be informed of their nomination by JA British Columbia staff and asked to fill out a second form to accept and complete the nomination.  JABC will not advise the nominee who nominated them, but you are welcome to tell them yourself.

A good nominee is an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the business and/or entrepreneurial landscape of British Columbia through their career, volunteer and/or philanthropic endeavours. Measurable achievements are clear, such as increasing profits, recognition  from professional associations or other groups, or completion of an important project.  However, the selection committee understands that many achievements aren’t easily quantified and therefore ask for as much detail as possible.

Yes. The nominees may have completed a JA program anywhere in the world that JA programs are offered, but they need to have a strong connection to British Columbia. They must live and/or work in British Columbia. If you are unsure, submit a nomination and a JA staff member will review it and get back to you with a decision.

Nominee Information

To accept the nomination you must fill out the online nominee information form (link will be provided in the e-mail notification) by the indicated deadline. The form includes questions about your career achievements, education, volunteering, community and philanthropic work. It also asks for a minimum of two references from your work and/or volunteer experiences.

From the nominations received, JA British Columbia staff create a short list of approximately five (5) nominees who best meet the selection criteria outlined on the nomination form.  The short list is sent to the selection committee which is made up of JA British Columbia leadership team and members of JA British Columbia alumni.  The selection committee reviews the short list of nominations thoroughly and debates the merits of the candidates.

All nominees will be contacted by the staff of JA British Columbia to let them know the results of the selection process. For the successful nominee, an interview and briefing with the President and CEO of JA British Columbia will be set-up.

The selection committee will vote to determine whether a candidate nomination should be carried forward to the following year.  If a nomination is voted forward, it is the role of the JA British Columbia staff to ensure that the nominee form is updated for the next selection cycle.

Filling out and submitting the nominee form indicates to the selection committee that you agree to be considered for the award and will accept the award if you are selected.  The selection committee also uses the nominee form to ensure that they have enough information to make a well-informed decision. If you have been nominated and you do not complete the nominee form, you will not be eligible for the JABC Exceptional Alumni Award.