Can I ask my child’s teacher to register for your programs?2018-08-25T22:47:58-07:00

Of course! If you would like us to come in to your child’s classroom, simply direct your teacher to our website where they can register for a program. Alternatively, you can send us their information, and we’ll be more than happy to contact them directly.

Can I volunteer at my child’s school?2018-08-25T22:46:22-07:00

Yes! If your child’s teacher agrees, we’re happy to set you up with our training program and schedule you into your child’s class.

Who are JABC volunteers?2018-08-28T05:16:44-07:00

JA volunteers come from a variety of industries, including technology, finance and business services and transportation to name a few. Our volunteers are executives, managers, communications professionals, sales people, small business owners, customer service representatives, human resource managers, consultants, retirees… the list goes on!

Our volunteers, no matter their professional background, all share one common goal: to educate and inspire students to achieve their highest potential.

Are your programs offered free to schools? How can you do this?2018-08-25T23:45:21-07:00

Yes! All of our programs are free-of-charge to schools across BC. As a not-for-profit organization, JA receives donations primarily from the government, corporations and individuals which enables us to offer these programs for free. You can see our donors listed throughout our website.

What age groups do you target?2018-08-25T23:47:18-07:00

JABC offers in-school and after-school programs for students in Grades 5 to 12. Visit our Programs page to see the program options for your class.

How do JABC programs work?2018-08-25T22:40:03-07:00

JABC partners with host teachers and brings volunteers from the business community into the classroom to deliver free, interactive hands on learning experiences to BC youth.

What is JABC?2018-08-25T22:38:46-07:00

Also known as Junior Achievement of BC, JABC is part of JA Worldwide, the world’s largest and most recognized youth education organization that teaches young people about Financial Literacy, Work Readiness and Entrepreneurship. JABC serves students in British Columbia and works in partnership with educators, volunteers and businesses to help inspire, prepare and empower BC youth for life-long success. JABC is able to reach thousands of students each year thanks to the generous help from our volunteers and donors.

Am I eligible for an award or scholarship?2018-08-28T06:01:28-07:00

Each one is different, so be sure to check out the eligibility requirements and deadlines for each award and scholarship on our Apply for Awards page.

What types of awards to do you offer?2018-08-28T06:01:31-07:00

We are pleased offer a number of awards and scholarships to our Achievers to recognize outstanding performance while in a JA program. We have a variety of individual and team awards and you can apply for more than one award. Visit our Apply for Awards page to view application criteria and deadlines and access our online application portal.

How much does it cost?2018-07-31T17:37:47-07:00

Membership is completely free, and open to any JABC or other JA past participant.

How long are the programs?2018-08-28T05:54:51-07:00

Program duration is dependent on the program and the region. Visit our Programs page for more details.

What materials will the volunteer use in the classroom?2018-08-28T05:54:57-07:00

JABC provides all of the materials needed. The program kits for each class contain a step-by-step Inspiration Guide for volunteers, a Preparation Portfolio for each student, and all other materials and game pieces. There is also a JA Canada Digital Resource Portal for volunteers to access interactive games and videos.

How can JABC assist me in teaching my curriculum?2018-08-28T05:55:03-07:00

JA programs enhance your existing curriculum! We offer a range of programs created in partnership with curriculum developers from Canadian school boards. You can view additional curriculum matching details for each program on our Programs page.

May I request a specific volunteer for a JA program?2018-08-28T05:55:16-07:00

Absolutely! Many teachers have had great success involving parents, friends or relatives as volunteers in their classroom. We are happy to connect with them and set them up with training and materials.

What is the educator’s role?2018-08-25T22:12:31-07:00

Teachers should provide an enthusiastic and supportive environment for their volunteer. Teachers should maintain order and discipline, assist the volunteer with activities if needed, and support an environment that is conducive to learning. Feel free to inform the volunteer of any behavioural or learning challenges your students may have, and give your volunteer an overview of your class’ dynamic and how to best engage your students.

If you are the lead teacher contact for JA programs at your school, please keep stay in touch with your JABC program team contact and respond to requests in a timely manner to ensure a positive and successful program delivery for students and volunteers.

Do volunteers receive training?2018-08-28T05:55:10-07:00

All volunteers must participate in a JABC-led training session. Our orientation sessions include a review of the lessons and activities of the program, as well as some teaching tips and classroom management guidelines. JA volunteers have a range of experience in the classroom, and some are more experienced than others. Please remember that JA volunteers are guest speakers!

Are there registration deadlines?2018-08-28T05:55:21-07:00

Not necessarily, but we encourage educators to register for programs as soon as possible, preferably before the beginning of the next school year. This allows time for JA staff to recruit and train the volunteers needed to deliver JA programs to your students.

What will my students get out of this?2018-08-28T05:55:28-07:00

Lots! JA programs are designed around three main areas: financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. These programs equip students with the necessary skills to develop their confidence, leadership and critical thinking skills and prepare them for success.

What kind of lessons and activities are in each program?2018-08-28T05:55:32-07:00

JA programs are all about experiential learning. Our volunteers use a mix of hands-on activities, discussions and digital learning to engage students. Volunteers may share their personal and professional experiences to help students connect program concepts with real-life situations.

How do I know which program is the best fit for my skills and experience?2018-08-28T05:50:13-07:00

If you’re not sure which program is right for you, check out our Volunteer with JA page for some guidance.  Also our Program Managers are always available to help and answer any questions for you.

Do schools pay for JABC programs?2018-08-28T05:50:16-07:00

Never! All of our programs are delivered free-of-charge to schools all over the province.  As a not-for-profit organization, JABC receives donations from corporations, individuals and the government to deliver our programs and drive our mission to inspire, prepare and empower BC youth for life-long success.

Do you offer programs at my child’s school?2018-08-28T05:50:28-07:00

JA programs are offered in over 90% of BC school districts. If you would like to see our programs in your child’s school, ask the teacher to request a program or let us know who we can contact. We’re more than happy to follow up and bring our programs to more classrooms!

How do I reward and recognize the students?2018-08-28T05:50:33-07:00

Be creative! Verbal praise, stickers, certificates or even treats are all great ways to recognize and reward students. Your Program Manager can also provide you with some ideas. If you are planning to bring in anything that can be eaten, do let you your Program Manager know as teachers must be informed in advance in case of any allergies.

Will I be alone with students?2018-08-28T05:50:42-07:00

No. The teacher is required to be in the classroom at all times to assist with class management and discipline.

Do you provide the lesson plans and materials?2018-08-28T05:52:02-07:00

Yes, JA provides everything you will need in the classroom. Name cards, workbooks, certificates, posters are game pieces are all provided. During your orientation session, we’ll give you your own Program Guide for Teachers and Volunteers.  This is your guide to follow and keep, and you are free to make your own notes in it.

How do I connect with teachers to schedule a session?2018-08-25T18:01:25-07:00

Your Program Manager is responsible for facilitating your connection with teachers. They may provide you with the teacher’s contact information so you can coordinate a time directly with them, or, in some instances, your Program Manager will work directly with the teacher to set a time, working around your schedule.

Can university and college students volunteer?2018-08-28T05:51:59-07:00

Absolutely! We encourage post-secondary students to participate in order to gain valuable leadership skills, share their knowledge and discover the rewards of volunteerism.

Do I have to work in finance to be a volunteer?2018-08-28T05:51:44-07:00

No. Our volunteers come from a variety of industries including insurance, tourism, retail and high-tech to name a few.  They are executives, managers, marketing/communication professionals, sales people, small business owners, customer service representatives, human resource managers, consultants, retirees…the list goes on!

What qualifications do I need?2018-08-28T05:51:39-07:00

If you have a good command of the English language, are comfortable in front of a group of students, have experience working in a business environment and enjoy working with and mentoring young people, you are already qualified!

Can I volunteer with a friend or colleague?2018-08-28T05:51:30-07:00

Yes! Economics for Success and Dollars with Sense are often led by teams of two. JA Company Program volunteers work as part of a 3-4 person team. Our other programs are typically taught by one individual, but you are always welcome to invite a friend or colleague!

Are there volunteer opportunities for all grade levels?2018-08-23T18:25:32-07:00

We offer programs starting with Grade 5 all the way through to Grade 12.  See our Programs page for more information.

What support will I receive?2018-08-28T05:51:22-07:00

JABC Program Managers will be able to recommend programs best suited to your interests and skills. They will let you know about the volunteer opportunities available and provide all of the materials needed for your success in the classroom. Program Managers are available to support you, answer questions, provide specific information about a session, and suggest ideas for particular activities.

How much preparation time is required?2018-08-28T05:51:09-07:00

We suggest setting aside 1 to 2 hours to prepare for the classroom so you can feel confident and in control in front of a group of students. Effective presenters are able to give clear instructions, manage time and understand how to link one activity to the next. These skills are a result of preparation and planning.

How often am I expected to volunteer in a one year period?2018-08-28T05:51:03-07:00

We encourage our volunteers to teach two or more programs over the course of a school year. JA Company Program volunteers are only asked to deliver one program since it is a longer program.

How much time is required to volunteer for JA?2018-08-28T05:50:59-07:00

Your time commitment will vary depending on the program you choose. For example, some programs are conducted in half-day sessions. Elementary school programs are typically delivered in a weekly visit of one hour each over the course of four to five weeks while JA Company Program volunteers dedicate 10 to 12 one or two hour sessions over the course of 16 weeks. Learn more about our programs and their time commitments here.

How much does it cost?2018-08-28T05:59:40-07:00

It’s free! Thanks to our many donors and volunteers, we are able to provide this program to students at NO COST! You are only responsible for your transportation to and from meetings and any meals/snacks.

Can I bring my friends or family to a meeting?2018-08-28T05:59:46-07:00

Only students who have registered online can attend the meetings. If there is still room at the location you’ve signed up for, invite your friends to register online to participate.

What type of business do I start?2018-08-28T05:59:53-07:00

You and your teammates have the freedom to brainstorm and go through the creative process to decide on any product you’d like. The Company Program  page has some past student projects for inspiration.

What if I’m not interested in business? Is this program for me?2018-08-28T05:59:59-07:00

JA Company Program isn’t just for future entrepreneurs. No matter where you are headed, you will acquire real life knowledge that can help you on your career path. You will develop important presentation, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication skills which are valuable in any job.

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