September 2023- We are thrilled to introduce our flagship after-school entrepreneurship experience, JA Company Program, for Indigenous learners in British Columbia. This immersive entrepreneurship initiative will equip students (Grades 10+) and young adults (up to age 29) with essential business skills and knowledge to help them launch their own ventures.

JA Company Program for Indigenous learners integrates Indigenous perspectives into the lesson plans, materials and activities. All the program materials and coordination are provided by JABC at no cost.

In-person JA Company Program

We are currently seeking:

Three communities to run and host

One volunteer for each host community

Virtual JA Company Program

We will also be offering a virtual JA Company Program for Indigenous Learners. Young people from all over B.C. will be able to join online to learn how to organize and operate a real business.

More details on these experiences, including student enrolment information, coming soon.

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Join us in giving Indigenous learners the real-world skills and experience that they need to build successful careers!

If you are able to host, would be willing to volunteer your time to mentor young people, or need further information, please contact Kimberly Sommer at