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  • Grades 10-12
  • Learn how to organize and operate an actual business enterprise!
  • In-school, after-school, or online 
  • Educator-led with option to include volunteer support (for the after-school program see Company Program – After-School)
  • Instructional time: 10-16 weeks

With the support and guidance of business teachers and volunteer advisors from the local business community (optional), JA Company Program will give secondary school students the knowledge needed to organize and operate an actual business enterprise. Students will learn what risks and rewards come with owning a business, and how to build positive relationships with the community.

While operating their business, participants will sell shares, produce and market a product or service and appoint a management team that best suits their company. They will also learn to maintain and analyze financial records that will help them establish and monitor production and sales goals during the span of the program.

JA Company Program supports the curriculum objectives of a range of subjects including entrepreneurship, marketing, general business, career studies, social studies, mathematics, leadership and co-op.

By the end of JA Company Program, students will understand how to run a successful business enterprise.

Like other JA programs, JA Company Program is curriculum-linked, student-centred and skills-focused. It is facilitated through a partnership of business teachers and qualified business volunteers in weekly one or two-hour sessions over the course of 10-16 weeks. The program can be delivered in-school or offered as an after-school club at no cost to schools or groups.

Students who complete this program are eligible for JABC and JA Canada awards and scholarships.

Key Outcomes
  • Discover the risks and rewards of starting a business
  • Systematically solve actual business challenges
  • Demonstrate the importance of ethical standards in business
  • Foster positive relationships between youth and business communities
  • Learn about incorporation and capitalize by selling shares
  • Impart understanding of teamwork and responsibility
  • Produce and market a product or service
  • Gather data, evaluate alternatives and develop a plan
  • Make effective sales pitches and presentations

Delivery of JA Company Program in BC is generously supported by: