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  • Grades 6-12
  • Students meet an industry leader and discover occupations here in B.C. and beyond that are expected to offer the best opportunities over the next ten years
  • Instructional time: 40 to 75 minutes

Career Speaker, a World of Choices program, brings grade 6-12 students together with a career speaker working in a desired field, industries or profession. In an interactive session, students learn first-hand about career choices and what it takes to be successful.

Educator manages the platform, moderates the discussion and oversees Q&A.

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Key Outcomes
After completing the program, students will be prepared to:
  • Become empowered to succeed in designing a career path
  • Develop the tools to better meet challenges of today’s work world
  • Capitalize on career opportunities in emerging, traditional, and non-traditional fields
  • Gain a better understanding of careers and the educational foundation needed
  • Discover educational opportunities and training
  • Develop a proactive attitude about a future career