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  • Grades 10-12
  • Never underestimate the power of knowing how to use your voice!
  • Online
  • Student self-directed
  • Instructional time: 1-5 hours

Public speaking skills are an essential ingredient for success. When we feel comfortable using our voices, we are empowered to advocate for ourselves, for our communities, and for the causes we care about. The Introduction to Public Speaking program provides students with a strong foundation to become public speakers. It provides a variety of useful tips and tricks, from how to improve speaking style to strategies for persuading an audience.

The eight lessons in this program will provide students with a strong foundation in public speaking. The curriculum contains strategies designed to help you speak in public confidently and persuasively. When you are done working your way through the content, you will unlock a certificate of accomplishment that you can print and keep for yourself.

Introduction to Public Speaking includes 8 modules designed to make students more confident, more capable of structuring an argument, and more thoughtful about the topics they approach. Lessons take approximately 10-15 minutes each to complete for a total of 1.5 hours.
  • Persuasion & Credibility
  • Brainstorming & Organization
  • Building Valid Arguments
  • Developing Personal Style
  • Avoiding Filler Words

Delivery of Introduction to Public Speaking in B.C. is generously supported by: