Teacher-led program. JA Titan gives grade 10-12 students the confidence to go after their entrepreneurial dreams. JA Titan is an online simulation where students plan and execute each aspect of a virtual company’s strategy as they strive to succeed in a highly competitive industry. JA Titan is set in a world where players are CEOs of their own companies and must make informed management decisions about each aspect of their virtual company’s strategy, including:

  • Pricing of products
  • Production levels
  • Marketing expenses
  • Research and development costs
  • Capital investment
  • Charitable giving

Key Outcomes

In this program, students:

  • Make critical production and capital investment decisions
  • Solve marketing and pricing challenges
  • Optimize research and development
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility with charitable giving

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Clarify personal goals, ethics and working styles by using decision-making skills from a business leadership perspective
  • Apply concepts within a virtual simulation to understand how key business decisions affect a company’s bottom line

Like other JA programs, JA Titan is curriculum-linked, student-centred and skills-focused. It is delivered by a business teacher online and in-class in 6 one-hour sessions, at no cost to schools or groups.

If you are not familiar with the online business simulation, visit here to learn more. If you wish to host Titan in your BC classroom enroll your class for full access to the online business simulation as well as classroom resources and support materials.

Capstone Experience:  Students who have completed Titan are eligible for BC Business Challenge. In this program, students work in teams in an online competition to manage a company and compete in a virtual marketplace. This challenge is based on the same concepts and strategies from Titan. Prizes and certificates are awarded to the top performers.

Delivery of JA Titan is generously sponsored by:

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Level: Grades 10-12
Instructional time: 4-6 hours + online competition
**PLEASE NOTE** Volunteers are currently not required for this teacher-led program

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