Teacher-led program. JA Titan gives grade 10-12 students the confidence to go after their entrepreneurial dreams. JA Titan is an online simulation where students plan and execute each aspect of a virtual company’s strategy as they strive to succeed in a highly competitive industry. JA Titan is set in a world where players are CEOs of their own companies and must make informed management decisions about each aspect of their virtual company’s strategy, including:

  • Pricing of products
  • Production levels
  • Marketing expenses
  • Research and development costs
  • Capital investment
  • Charitable giving

Key Outcomes

In this program, students:

  • Make critical production and capital investment decisions
  • Solve marketing and pricing challenges
  • Optimize research and development
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility with charitable giving

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Clarify personal goals, ethics and working styles by using decision-making skills from a business leadership perspective
  • Apply concepts within a virtual simulation to understand how key business decisions affect a company’s bottom line

Like other JA programs, JA Titan is curriculum-linked, student-centred and skills-focused. It is delivered by a business teacher online and in-class in 6 one-hour sessions, at no cost to schools or groups.

Delivery of JA Titan is generously sponsored by:

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Level: Grades 10-12
Commitment: 6 one-hour sessions + online competition
**PLEASE NOTE** Volunteers are currently not required for this teacher-led program

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