World of Choices

  • Grades 6-12

  • Students explore or refine their career goals with the help of a panel of guest speakers from a variety of industries

  • Instructional time: 40-60 minutes, including a Q&A

  • Offered once a month from September 2021-June 2022

  • Dates & times to be confirmed

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This program aims to support students in their journey to explore and refine their career goals by reflecting on their personal interests and strengths and discover where these might intersect with emerging career-life opportunities. Students will gain confidence and further knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing world.

JA volunteers from the local community and businesses play a key role in this program as featured guest speakers. These guest speakers help enable students to see opportunities, both in their community and in the world outside their classroom.

Provided monthly throughout the school year and on-demand for single classes, World of Choices is a live 40 to 60 minute virtual multi-class program featuring a panel of guest speakers. The educator moderates and hosts the presentation, manages the virtual platform, keeps time and oversees the Q&A segment. Student participation during the Q&A should be encouraged! In addition, the program features optional online pre and/or post activities that are self-paced and completed independently by students in the classroom or at home.

Like all JA programs, the experience is coordinated and supported by JABC’s Program team.

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Educators: Enroll your class here

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