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  • Grades 6-12
  • Instructional time: 75 minutes, including a Q&A
  • Join us for this virtual, interactive program that allows students to meet industry leaders and discover occupations here in B.C. and beyond that are expected to offer the best opportunities over the next ten years.

The program aims to support students in their journey to explore and refine their career goals by reflecting on their personal interests and strengths and discover where these might intersect with emerging career-life opportunities. Students will gain confidence and further knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing world.

JA volunteers from the local community and businesses play a key role in this program as featured guest speakers. These guest speakers help enable students to see opportunities, both in their community and in the world outside their classroom.

After completing the program, students will be prepared to:

Become empowered to succeed in designing a career path

Develop the tools to better meet challenges of today’s work world

Capitalize on career opportunities in emerging, traditional, and non-traditional fields

Gain a better understanding of careers and the educational foundation needed

Discover educational opportunities and training

Develop a proactive attitude about a future career

Good to know:

Will be offered approximately once a month Sept. 2022- June 2023

Features a panel of guest speakers. JABC manages the platform, and a host moderates the discussion and oversees the Q&A.

Prior to enrolling in the monthly Capstone experience, we recommend students participate in JA’s Economics for Success, a program that highlights the connection between post-secondary education and success as an adult.

World of Choices will not be held in December or March, so we can offer JABC TechWorks, a program showcasing the scope of technology-related career opportunities open to the next generation of employees.

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