Volunteer Training & Resources

Prior to entering the classroom, you will be required to participate in program-specific training. Training may be conducted in a variety of ways, including a group setting, one-on-one, webinar, online, or even by phone.

These training sessions are important as they provide you with information about:

  • Your role as a volunteer
  • The host teacher’s role
  • What to expect from and how to connect with the students
  • An overview of the lessons
  • How to facilitate the activities – tips and techniques
  • Materials you will bring to the classroom

A JABC staff member will contact you to schedule your training time. Training sessions generally run from 60-90 minutes.

Your program manager will equip you with a program kit to be used in the classroom. So you are well prepared for your classroom visits, please plan additional time on your own to review the program materials.

Volunteer Handbook

Find out more about volunteering with JA and the expectations of a volunteer in our Volunteer Handbook.

Volunteer Handbook

JA Resource Portal

Already a registered JA volunteer? Log-in to our JA Resource Portal to access digital tools and resources to help you deliver JA programs.

Resource Portal

NEW: We are offering group training by Webinar!

We are very pleased to offer new webinar training options for JABC volunteers.

Our new program, Personal Finance is offered by webinar only and Economics for Success is offered by webinar and at our head office (#360- 475 West Georgia St. Vancouver). Please contact your Program Team member for more information on training at our head office.

Please click on the buttons below to see our scheduled webinar sessions.

Sign up for More than Money training webinar
Sign up for Economics for Success training webinar

Thank you for volunteering with JABC!

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