Volunteer Training & Resources

Thank you for volunteering with JABC!

Prior to volunteering in a classroom (either in person or virtually), you will be required to participate in program-specific training. These sessions are important as they provide you with info about:

  • Your role as a volunteer
  • The host teacher’s role
  • What to expect from and how to connect with the students
  • An overview of the lessons
  • How to facilitate the activities – tips and techniques
  • Materials you will bring to the classroom

Please see the 2020/21 Virtual Volunteer Training Dates below.

Important: You must be a registered JABC volunteer before you sign up for program training. Not yet registered in our system? Just go to our New Volunteer Registration page to create an account!

So you are well prepared for your volunteer sessions, please plan additional time on your own to review the program materials.

Also please consider health & safety. Take a moment to view this important WorkSafeBC video about working from home.

Volunteer Handbook

Find out more about volunteering with JABC and the expectations of a volunteer.

View Volunteer Handbook

Program Training Dates

Join other JABC Volunteers and BC Educators for live training via Zoom. Once you are a registered volunteer, simply select your JA Program below, pick one of the scheduled training sessions 1-2 weeks before your volunteer date and click to register! Please only sign up for one session at a time. Once registered, you will receive a Zoom confirmation email and your JABC Program trainer will be in touch with further details.

Note: These training sessions run for 90 minutes. The content focuses on delivering each specific JA program, not on volunteering in a virtual setting.

Elementary School Programs

Mon Apr 19 3 pm Register
Mon May 3 5 pm Register
Mon May 17 12 pm Register
Mon May 31 3 pm Register
Tue Apr 20 12 pm Register
Tue May 4 5 pm Register
Tue May 18 3 pm Register
Tue June 1 12 pm Register
Fri May 14 12 pm Register
Wed May 26 12 pm Register
Wed June 9 12 pm Register

Middle School Programs

Tue Apr 20 3 pm Register
Thu May 6 5 pm Register
Thu May 20 12 pm Register
Thu June 3 3 pm Register
Fri Apr 23 12 pm Register
Thu May 6 3 pm Register
Fri May 21 12 pm Register
Fri June 4 3 pm Register

High School Programs

Thu Apr 22 12 pm Register
Thu May 6 12 pm Register
Thu May 20 3 pm Register
Thu June 3 5 pm Register
Wed Apr 28 5 pm Register
Tues May 11 3 pm Register
Tues May 25 3 pm Register
Tues June 8 5 pm Register

If you have any additional questions, please contact a member of our Program Team.