Throughout the year, JA British Columbia (JABC) collects stories of people who have been impacted by our programs, whether they are students, donors, volunteers, teachers or alumni. Find out how JA has made a difference in their lives!

Sister Act: JA Runs in the Family

Sisters Jennifer and Dayle believe that their JA experiences have confirmed their passion for entrepreneurship and built up their confidence and business skills for overcoming challenges ahead.

Tammy-Lynn McNabb, JA Alum

Tammy-Lynn's JA experience as a child set the foundation for her exciting and fulfilling business career as an entrepreneur and TV personality.

Brian Phillips, JA Champion

From JA student to Board Chair, Brian has done it all! Find out why Brian kept coming back to JA all these years.

A Journey of Self-Discovery for an Aspiring Leader

A journey of growth, learning and discovery for the 2015 Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award winner Miguel Widjaja

BASECAMP Cards – The Next Big Thing

Thanks to the foundational start-up skills that these Achievers learned through JA Company Program experience, this student-run company is poised for significant business growth in the not-so-distant future.

Jeff Smith, JA Alum

Through JA Company Program, Jeff learned a great deal about working in groups and how to run a small business.

An Unforgettable Lesson in Business

Defying difficult personal odds, the team from PASS-Woodwinds Alternate School beat some of the top schools in the province to be crowned “Titans of Industry.”

Delna Bhesania, JA Alum

JA taught Delna that business is more than just coming up with an idea; it’s all about execution.

Employee of the Month

Important life lessons learned from JA Economics for Success have propelled Sierra to attain her goals.

Kevin Royes, JA Alum

Kevin journeyed from the most challenging family hardships to the highest professional achievements and credits JA for helping him along the way.

Making their Fortune

Through learning from JA and their mentors from the local business community, these Achievers led a successful company that partnered with the Natural Resource sector.

Shana Cherry, JA Alum

How the JA Company Program helped Shana jump-start her online businesses.

Crystal Bouchard, JA Alum

Crystal discovered her leadership skills while participating in JA Business of Our Own.

Judith McLean, JA Alum

Learning to re-group after setbacks and being flexible were just a couple of takeaways Judith had after participating in JA.

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