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Judith McLean

Owner, Lead Trainer
Hi Q Training

Professional development industry

Vancouver, BC

Participated in JA in 1966-67 at Britannia Secondary School (Vancouver)


What did you do in the JA program?

I was VP Sales in the JA program – Small Business, and I participated in a public speaking contest in Seattle.

What did you learn and achieved in the JA program?

I learned a lot about teamwork – how to re-group after setbacks (our first product was not successful) and then build another product.

How has it helped you in your career path and/or your current job?

It helped me achieve higher levels of flexibility, gain confidence in making presentations and sharing ideas with others.

What are your professional aspirations?

I want to keep giving back to young people and to those who need coaching and mentoring.

Any insights or advice you can offer to future JA students?

Take full advantage of JA programs. Learn to incorporate milestone activities into your resumes and interview answers to compete more successfully in the job search process. Become an entrepreneur and find a mentor.

Any feedback you can offer to JABC?

Just a caution to not overburden your program coordinators, but you guys have done great work!

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