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Tammy-Lynn McNabb

TV Host & Entrepreneur
Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV

Vancouver, BC

Participated in JA in 1979-80 at Queen Mary Community Elementary (North Vancouver)



What did you do in the JA program you participated in?

I was the President of my student company where we created a desk organizer with different compartments for stationery like pens, paper and paperclips. Together we designed a prototype, developed the product and sent it to one of the adults who had access to a manufacturer for our product to have it made. We sold the product mainstream, made a profit and issued shares to shareholders. The business was a great success!

What did you learn or achieve in the JA program you participated in?

It was truly the starting point of my very fruitful and ambitious career as a business woman. It gave me the opportunity to put into practice real-life skills of forming a company and developing a product. It also taught me to think outside the box.

How has it impacted you in your career path? In your current/previous job??

Starting a company along with developing products and prototypes is no small task. JA taught me, at a very young age, that no matter what your circumstances or your age, anything is achievable.

Now I continuously create and develop brands with confidence and ease. Clearly my skills started in a classroom, at a school with a group of teachers and mentors in an encouraging environment. This experience as a child was the foundation of what was to become a really exciting and fulfilling business career for me.

Currently, I am a public speaker, a teacher of speaking and presentation, a TV host and producer and the co-owner of a line of health and wellness products. It all began over 35 years ago!

What are your professional aspirations?

To continue working on my bucket list of business aspirations, knowing that age and time are not against me! JA encouraged me to imagine that anything is possible and only I can set my limits.

Any insights or advice you can offer to current JA students?

Join JA! Learn! Start your business career young!

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