World of Choices | Career Mentor Talking Points

  • Focus your 5 minute speech around some of the questions below that will help youth learn about your career and journey. Students are from Grade 6 to 12, so please keep the content at “Grade 7” level so that all can follow. Inspire them with a world of choices for their future!

    ⦿ How did you get to where you are? Schooling, work experience, etc?
    ⦿ What would the students have to do to get a job like yours?
    ⦿ What do you look for in candidates (if applicable)?
    ⦿ What is one piece of advice you would give your “young” self?
    ⦿ What is something exciting about your job that you want to share?
  • This should be something you mention in your 5 minute speech - relating to the bigger ideas - what you want students to take away from this presentation. For example, a firefighter asked the following after their presentation:

    What are the physical characteristics that are required to be a Firefighter?
    a) You must be at least 5’8 tall
    b) You must be able to lift 200lbs
    c) There are no limits on physical characteristics CORRECT ANSWER
    d) You have to be able to hold your breath for 3 mins
  • If you were unable to cover something in your 5 minute speech, let us know and we can ask you a question about it during Q&A.