You can make a difference in young people’s lives.

How to budget. The importance of a savings plan. What it takes to launch a business. What to do during a job interview. Don’t you wish someone talked to you about these topics when you were growing up? Now there is someone: YOU.

All we need is your interest, life experience and enthusiasm to facilitate work readiness, financial health and entrepreneurship programs to local youth.  JABC provides the training, curriculum, materials, and a classroom ready to meet you. All types of volunteers are welcome- business professionals, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, post-secondary students, retirees and more.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering lets you enhance your skills, share your interests, inspire youth, meet new people and give back to the community.

Time commitments vary from half-day to multiple one-hour visits over several weeks. Volunteer opportunities are available around the province, in cities and small communities. Your Program Manager will coordinate a schedule between you and a classroom teacher. You can choose your classroom based on a number of factors. We’re flexible.

We are looking for volunteers who:

Have business knowledge and experience

Have a good command of the English language

Feel comfortable presenting information and ideas to a class of students

Enjoy working with and mentoring young people

Are patient, flexible, organized and engaging

JA programs are fun, hands-on and can transform a young person’s life.  Volunteer with JABC!

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Step 1:

Decide on a program based on your skills, experience and available time

What Program is Right for You?
  • I enjoy…

    discussing money management, presenting ideas and telling stories.

  • I enjoy…

    talking about money management and sharing my business, life and career experiences.

  • I enjoy…

    sharing my business experience, presenting ideas and staying in touch with business trends.

  • I am a…

    role model, coach, planner and people person.

  • I am a…

    business minded and approachable person and have life experience.

  • I am a…

    entrepreneurial, business minded, technology minded, self-motivated, a problem solver and a story teller.

  • I have…

    work experience or education in areas like finance, banking, financial planning, accounting, insurance, big or small business, or government.

  • I have…

    work experience or education in areas like business management, business planning, commercial banking, retail, sales, marketing, or tourism.

  • I have…

    work experience or education in areas like business management, planning, consulting, development, commercial banking, sales, marketing, accounting, and product or service development. I am or have been a business owner.

Then I suit…

More than Money

  • Grades 4-5  (ages 8-10)
  • Instructional time: 4 hours
  • Learn more

Dollars with Sense or
Personal Finance

  • Dollars with Sense: Grades 7-9  (ages 13-15)
  • Personal Finance: Grades 9-12  (ages 15-18)
  • Instructional time: 4 hours
  • Learn more about Dollars with Sense or Personal Finance
Then I suit…

Our Business World

  • Grades 5-6  (ages 10-12)
  • Instructional time: 4 hours
  • Learn more

Economics for Success

  • Grades 8-10  (ages 13-16)
  • Instructional time: 4 hours
  • Learn more
Then I suit…

Business of Our Own

  • Grades 6-8  (ages 12-14)
  • Instruct. time: 4 hours + sale day
  • Learn more

Be Entrepreneurial or
Company Program

  • Grades 10-12  (ages 14-18)
  • Be Entrepreneurial instructional time: 4 hours + business pitch
  • Company Program instructional time: 10-16 weeks including sale days + wrap up
  • Learn more about Company Program or Be Entrepreneurial
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Step 2:

See Volunteer Opportunities and view potential opportunities for your chosen area.

Step 3:

Sign up on our Volunteer Registration page.

Step 4:

Get trained. Learn more on our Volunteer Training and Resources page.

What our volunteers say:
We thank our Corporate Volunteer Champions for their outstanding commitment. View the awesome organizations that had at least 10 employees who volunteered to deliver JA programs this past year.