Volunteer FAQs

How much time does volunteering for JA involve?

Your time commitment will vary depending on the program you choose. For example, some programs are conducted in a half-day session. The elementary school programs are usually delivered in a weekly visit of one hour each over the course of four to five weeks. Our Company Program volunteers dedicate 10-12 one or two hour sessions over the course of 16 weeks. Learn more about our programs and the time commitments here.

How often am I expected to volunteer per year?

We ask that our volunteers conduct two or more programs per year (Company Program volunteers are only asked to deliver one program per year as the time duration of that program is longer).

How much preparation time is required?

Usually a four hour program requires at least an hour to 1.5 hours of preparation. It is very important that volunteers appear confident and in control in front of a group of students. Good presenters know how to give clear instructions, manage time and know how to link one activity to the next – the result of preparation and planning.

What support will I receive?

Each volunteer works with a Program Manager who can help to recommend which program is the best match to your interests and skills, let you know about the volunteer opportunities available and provide all of the materials required. Program managers are there to support you – to answer any questions, give specific information about the session and provide ideas on particular activities.

Are there volunteer opportunities for all grade levels?

We offer programs starting with grade 5 all the way through to grade 12. See the Programs page for more information.

Can I volunteer with a friend or colleague?

Yes! Economics for Success and Dollars with Sense are usually led by teams of two. Company Program volunteers work as part of a 3-4 person team. The other programs are usually delivered by one person, but can be delivered with a colleague as well.

What qualifications do I need?

In general we are looking for people who are comfortable in front of a classroom, can provide leadership, have experience working in a business environment, and really enjoy working with young people. Our mission is to inspire and prepare Canadian youth to succeed in a global economy.

Do I have to work in banking or finance to be a volunteer?

Some of our programs such as Investment Strategies are best suited to people who have expertise in this area, but many of our programs can be led by volunteers with more general life and business experience.

Our volunteers come from many different sectors including insurance, tourism, retail and high-tech to name a few.  They are executives, managers, marketing/communication professionals, sales people, small business owners, customer service representatives, human resource managers, consultants, retirees…the list goes on!

Can university and college students volunteer?

Yes. We encourage post-secondary students to participate in order to gain valuable leadership skills and to share their knowledge.

How do I get connected to and schedule with the teacher?

For some programs your program manager will provide you with the teacher’s contact information and the two of you will determine the best time for your session.  For others, the program manager will set the time and date with the teacher in advance and will inform you.

Do you provide the lesson plans and materials?

Yes, JA provides all of the materials you will need to deliver the session. For example, you will receive 30 name cards, 30 student workbooks or handouts, 30 certificates, posters, etc.  During your orientation session you will receive your own Program Guide for Teachers and Volunteers.  This is your guide to follow and make your own notes in.

How many students are in a class?

Up to 30.

Will I be alone with the students?

No. The teacher is required to be in the classroom at all times to assist with class management and discipline.

Do you offer JA in my child’s school?

We offer JA in 55 school districts within B.C; please contact us to see if we are in your child’s school. If you would like to see JA programs in your child’s school you can let us know who to contact and we are pleased to follow up.

Are JA programs offered free to schools? How can you do this?

Yes! All of our programs are free of charge to the schools.  As a not-for-profit organization, JABC receives donations from corporations, individuals and the government to carry out its mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Can someone help me figure out which program I would be best suited for?

Yes definitely. Please contact us so we can give you more information about the specific content of each program.