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The Future is Bright for BC’s Youth

A recognized leader in education programs for youth, JA British Columbia (JABC or Junior Achievement of British Columbia) is a registered charity that brings a variety of FREE financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship training courses into elementary, middle and secondary school classrooms all over BC.

Why JA British Columbia?

A bright future is dependent upon a healthy economy, which is built by citizens with the critical skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their careers and finances. Every adult must consider debt, savings, budgets, mortgages and credit while building a rewarding career that will support their wellbeing and lifestyle.

However, according to a recent Statistics Canada report, Canadians owe $1.71 for every $1 they earn. In addition, BC is facing a skills shortage, especially for roles related to technology, and this demand for people isn’t showing any signs of slowing. It is important that youth are made aware of the financial, career and technical skills that they need for life-long success, as well as what careers will be in demand when they graduate and beyond.

JABC programs introduce students to a suite of skills while undertaking practical training on saving, spending earning, investing, business management, interviewing resume writing and more.

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Leadership

  • Problem Solving

  • Goal Setting

  • Decision Making

Students will be prepared, inspired and empowered to make better life choices, enabling their life-long success and a prosperous economy.

Can you contribute to inspiring, preparing and empowering youth?

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Inspiring Success

JABC, a proud member of JA Canada and JA Worldwide, has been making the future bright for BC’s youth for over 60 years.