You are helping prepare youth for the jobs of the future.

Thank you for joining JABC’s World of Choices program series as a Career Mentor. In order to help you prepare for event day, please review the content on this page and complete the items in each section.

*Please submit all information asked below.

  • Submit a headshot, short bio, media consent and advice for students here
  • Submit your talking points and Kahoot questions here
  • Familiarize yourself with the show flow
  • Attend a short Tech Check meeting – calendar invite will be emailed to you
  • Review the final show flow (this will be emailed to you after the Tech Check
  • Join the webinar at 9:00 AM PST (15 minutes before the program start time) using the personalized link you will receive through Zoom
  • Make sure you are in a quiet room with good lighting and no disruptions (please turn off the notifications on your computer and phone)
  • Ensure you have a professional background or neutral wall behind you
  • Be sure that your space is private, where no others may suddenly be heard or seen
  • Position your camera so that it is at eye level
  • Prepare and rehearse your 5-minute presentation in advance and check your timing
  • Look out for timing queues and updates from the JABC team in the Zoom Webinar chatbox
  • Focus your presentation around some of the questions that were previously provided that will help youth learn about your career and journey
  • Students are from Grade 6 to 12, so please keep the content at “Grade 7” level so that all can follow
  • Most importantly, have fun and inspire them with a world of choices for their future!
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Here’s an example of what you can expect during a World of Choices program event. View this recording from November 2021 with speakers from the Financial Services industry.